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Mr. Hittesh Shaah started his career in the Year 1992 as a sub-broker with Bombay Stock Exchange. After successfully working as sub broker for many years, he started to feel that lot more financial services are required for an individual apart from shares & stocks. Hence, he entered Financial Planning & Advisory Services by incorporating "DHS Trrue Wealth Management Consultancy Pvt. Ltd." to provide Professional Financial Services & Customized Solutions.

He also realized the importance of getting Trained. Thus, started a journey of unlimited & continuous progress and self-development through various Business programs and trainings. After successfully implementing the learning’s and reaping the benefits from the same for his business, he acquired various entrepreneurship qualities & skills. Mr. Hittesh Shaah has conducted workshops & seminars for his clients. He has catered to more than 5000 customers all over the country. To add value to his customers and people around him, he got associated with several organization like SMMART & RSVK (Rishi Sanskriti Vidya Kendra) for training; thereby contributing to their success. He has also Conducted Motivational Speaking, Advanced Selling Skills Workshops & Entrepreneurial Training & Counselling.

Mr. Hittesh Shaah has been an active member of Rotary Club conducting and participating in a lot of social events. He is associated with Rotary Club of Bombay Juhu Beach.

Mr. Hittesh Shaah has recently launched a Wealth Multiplier Series – An introspection in analysing “Your Holistic Growth” to achieve Money Mastery. Various topics under this series are as follows:

  1. Are you Wishful Working or Forceful Working?
  2. Vipatti Mein Sampatti
  3. Is Your Money Smiling?
  4. Discover Your Money Personality
  5. Trrue Wealth Mapping Book
  6. Examine Your Personal Finance under Microscope
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